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Have you ever been to a new town and wondered where the nearest restaurant is or needed a local plumber in a hurry?

Research shows that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online and 90% of small businesses customers are within 5 miles from where they operate. With 1 in 3 mobile Google searches being local and with mobile tablets and smart phones in so many hands it is essential for all businesses to be online and to take advantage of direct advertising to people who are in your area.

Google Places puts your contact and website details on the map . . Google maps. Being listed by location not only allows online searches from desktop computers to see where you are but also allows Google to show people what businesses are near them by using the actual location of their mobile device or phone.

google PlacesHow can we help?
For a one time fee of just £20 I can set up Google places for your new website helping your customers find you with ease. If you do not have a website yet then why not make use of my current £50 special offer to get you started or contact me if you would like a quote for a more advanced website.